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Grants Focus Overview

To achieve its mission to create access for those in need and opportunity for those with vision, the Connelly Foundation provides grants toward costs associated with programs, direct services, general operations, and capital projects to nonprofit organizations and institutions working in the following fields:

  • Education
  • Human Services
  • Culture & Civic Life


Summary of Grants 2022


48% of giving in 2022


Human Services

33% of giving in 2022


Culture & Civic

19% of giving in 2022



Education: Promoting Access to and Excellence in PreK-12 Catholic Education 


The Connelly Foundation is committed to helping Philadelphia-area Catholic schools thrive. The Foundation’s grantmaking and signature education initiatives prioritize: 


  • Programs that support or improve the academic quality of local Catholic schools 

  • Investments in talent that attract, develop, and retain high-quality teachers and leaders in schools and systems 

  • Efforts for strategic improvement around enrollment growth and financial sustainability 

  • Strategies to increase access to a high-quality Catholic education. 



Human Services: Essential Needs and a Path to Stability

The Connelly Foundation’s Human Services grantmaking reflects the compassion of our Founders, John and Josephine Connelly, and their respect for human dignity. Inspired by our Catholic heritage, we seek to alleviate urgent, basic needs through access to food, emergency shelter, clothing, and critical home repair. We strive to create pathways to stability and independence through investments in youth and workforce development.


Our Human Services Funding Priorities:

  • Basic Needs: Alleviating urgent needs through access to food, emergency shelter, clothing, and critical home repair
  • Investing in Youth: Supporting evidence-based or outcome-focused youth out-of-school time programs
  • Workforce Development: Creating pathways to sustainable employment and stability through foundational skill building, entrepreneurship, and workforce development programs




Culture & Civic Life: Rewarding Destinations that Inspire

In a region where civic and cultural opportunities abound, the primary focus of our "investment" in the arts is to support access and the development and delivery of educational programs.  


Grants are awarded to organizations that strive to engage a broad audience and bridge cultural boundaries.  


The Foundation seeks to identify and support sites and projects that provide a deep appreciation of Philadelphia's rich heritage.